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Real Bride- Ameena

This is my hands down one of my most favorite wedding of all times!!! Out of the world beauty of Ameena, her gorgeous dress by Inbal Dror and impeccable photography by Pat Furey .

Makeup was done by Aleksandra and Hair styled by Jaclyn

Wedding planning by Jaclyn Fisher @ Two Little Birds Planning

The wedding took place at Andalusia Estate

Bridal Beauty Lookbook Series at Powel House - Part 1

This past spring Aleksandra had the pleasure of working with some amazing vendors and the beautiful Powel House in Society Hill section of Philadelphia. 

We wanted the first look to be very elegant to fit the classic vibe of the venue. Our model Eunni pulled it off perfectly and added a youthful modern energy.

Photography by Love Me Do

Gown: Harper by Made With Love at Lovely Bride Philadelphia

Flowers:  Love and Fresh Flowers

Makeup and Hair by

Model: Eunni at Reinhard

Bridal Beauty Lookbook Series

We just can't get enough of gorgeous Sarah! 

Today we are featuring this super fun dress by Rue De Seine from Lovely Bride Philadelphia. The crochet detail and removable shoulder bands are just so alluring!

Since this dress has such a 60s vibe we wanted to pair with with makeup and hair what would fit in that era as well. Soft easy hair, pinned to one side with a hair comb by Untamed Petals.

Makeup is also very effortless with flared lashes and a bit more black liner to add to that 60's feel. Brown toned lipstick is timeless and enhances Sarah's beautiful complexion and freckles.

Photos by Carina @ Love Me Do Photography

Dress and jewelry from Lovely Bride Philadelphia.

Makeup and Hair by Aleksandra Ambrozy

Bridal Beauty Lookbook

Today we are featuring few shots from our collaboration with Love Me Do Photography and Lovely Bride Philadelphia.

How fun is this two piece dress with off the shoulders top! Casual yet classic, very 70-ties! 

We paired this dress with a soft waves and natural bronze toned makeup. Sarah looked gorgeous!

Dress by Noel and Jean

Earrings by Ti Adoro

Bracelet by Keren Wolf

All from Lovely Bride

Makeup and Hair by Aleksandra

Photography by Carina at

Model Sarah Clayton

New Year's Eve inspired Bridal look

As you are getting ready for the celebration tonight please enjoy the photos from this glamorous shoot we did with Love Me Do Photography, Lovely Bride and model Sarah Clayton.

Dress by Theia

Earrings by Ti Adoro

Bracelet by Keren Wolf


Stylized shoot

Today we are featuring some photos we did with Carina Romano. Our lovely model Melissa was a perfect face for a classic red lip that complimented this cute red dress I found at Ceuntry 21.  We wanted this shoot to be fresh, cute and breezy and I believe that we accomplished it pretty well!

I used KohGenDo Aqua Foundation to create a flawless canvas for the bright lip. That is my biggest tip for you if you are trying to pull of a red or any bright tone on your lips. You have to conceal all redness in your face. You will be amazed with the difference! Try it!

On the eyes I used Charlotte Tilbury Feline Flick Pen - really my favorite for a precise and defined liner. 

Photography: Carina Romano

Model: Melissa Perota @Reinhard Agency

Makeup and Hair: Aleksandra Ambrozy

Bridal Beauty Look Book Fall 2015 - part 3

Words can not express how excited I am to share the images from this portion of the shoot we did last fall with Love Me Do Photography and Lovely Bride Philadelphia! They are just gorgeous!!!!

I almost can't breathe when I look at them and I hope they take your breath away as well!


Bridal Makeup Philadelphia
Best Bridal Makeup Artist Philadelphia
Wedding Makeup Philadelphia
Wedding Makeup Artist
Best Makeup Artist Philadelphia
Philadelphia Bride
Makeup and Hair Philadelphia

Model is Julia Fleming @Reinhart

Dress is Bespoken from Claire La Faye  @Lovely Bride Philadelphia

Jewelry by Tanna Paradis

Makeup and Hair by Aleksandra Ambrozy

Shot on location in Old City Philadelphia

Contouring - What do you really need to know.

Photo: Elena Kuznetsova / Makeup: Aleksandra Ambrozy

Photo: Elena Kuznetsova / Makeup: Aleksandra Ambrozy

     What is countering? Do we all really need this in everyday application or is it something that we should save for special events only? 

        Thanks to the Kardashians and Instagram’s “makeup artists” everyone now asks to be “contoured”. Many makeup brands have come up with new contouring products and palettes with step-by-step instructions on how to get a slimmer nose and higher cheekbones.

With all the overwhelming information many of our clients are left quite confused and discouraged, also many never learn the proper techniques by trying to follow tips of “wanna-be” You Tube makeup artists who can really only do one kind of makeup – on themselves in very controlled environment (their bedroom).

The fact is that contouring techniques have existed and have been used by professional makeup artists for many, many years.  All the Old Hollywood movie starts and classic actresses were contoured; anchors on news channels and live stage performers. Contouring was developed to add shape to a face, correct it and to add dimension in a strong light environment and on camera.

Many of us makeup artist have also have been using this technique for our bridal and special event clients; again to shape, lift and add dimension to their faces as they are photographed.  With that being said we now see more and more women who heavily contour their faces even when they just go to a grocery store….

The purpose of contouring is to create a “natural” shadow on the face which will define or shape the features. 

Be careful when choosing the product to contour with - many contouring products are the wrong shade! The color should be similar to your natural shadow. Take a look at yourself in the mirror without any makeup; what is the shade you see around your eyes, under your chin? This is the shade you should use to contour. With exception of East Indian or Black skin tones with a lot of warm undertones, most of us will be looking for a shade closer to a grey tone. I find that many of the contouring palettes are extremely warm toned! I also don’t recommend using a bronzer for contouring for the same reasons. You simply want to create a natural looking shadow on your face.


Some of my favorite contouring products include


 For creams: Smashbox


 For Powder: Charlotte Tilbury


When using a powdered contouring product use the lightest touch possible, I love a fan brush for that.

With cream products blend, blend and once more blend. You should not be able to see any harsh lines and again less is more.

In my opinion we really don’t need all of this for everyday makeup, you can get a great result with just a touch of bronzer and blush to give your face some dimension and life and leave the contouring for special occasions.

I am always a fan of natural, glowing faces!